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We’re glad you found the little link to our website over on the DAI UK site.

Colin, the CEO of DAI UK, was thrilled with our work on his website, as he explains to the right. We’ll have a full write-up of the project ready soon, but for now scroll down a bit to find out more about us.

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Having worked with Tenfold Media previously, it was a no-brainer choosing them for another project. I knew that I could expect a thoroughly professional service and I wasn’t disappointed!

The process of agreeing the specification was incredibly straightforward with Tenfold Media immediately grasping what I was looking for but I have to say that the development experience itself was the most rewarding part of the exercise. The quality of the work demonstrated their understanding of my requirements and the speed of response to any changes requested was fantastic.

Another dimension of the project was the integration of the website with social media; an area in which I had relatively little experience. Tenfold Media made my ‘education’ painless and, when I came back with endless questions, offered very sound advice about how to make best use of these new channels at no extra cost.

I know that I shall need assistance with DAI UK’s web and social media strategy going forwards and I know where I shall be looking for that help!

Highly recommended.

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Who are you?

We’re Tenfold Media, a Creative Digital Marketing Studio in Surrey (where’s that?!). We’re a small team of creative people with a passion for helping businesses to achieve their full potential.

  • We’re as passionate about making your business a success as you are.
  • We take care of your marketing, so you can take care of your business.
  • And the best part? Our goal-focussed marketing packages generate real results.

What do you do?

We help dreams come true. We help businesses succeed.

How do you do it?

Through clever use of digital marketing. We use a combination of website design and development, social media marketing and content marketing to deliver on your business goals.

(Did we lose you at ‘content marketing’? Check this out for an example.)

When do we start?

Today! Get in touch now. We’d love to hear from you.

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