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Our Church website was in need of upgrading. Whilst it conveyed valuable information, it had become quite dated in its appearance and navigation, complex to maintain and lacked many of the features one would expect these days.

We chose Tenfold Media to take on the project because we had experience of their creativity and skills from a whole range of previous assignments for different areas of Christ Church’s ministry. As partners in the website development, co-founders Amy and Tim demonstrated their robust understanding of the Church and of our needs and aspirations. Their suggestions, based on their experience and research, were helpful in shaping the new website’s design, content and functionality.

The new website incorporates Tenfold’s new Christ Church branding and offers simplicity, clarity and intuitive navigation. Exciting new features include scrolling homepage ads, news ‘posts’ (uploaded by staff and later collated into our refreshed, web-delivered weekly eNews HTML email), a powerful sermon library tool, in-page video integration, access to the Church’s public calendar, online forms, online payment integration and excellent traffic-reporting tools.

We highly recommend Tenfold Media to anyone needing assistance with online and offline design and development. Their professionalism, responsiveness and creativity make them a pleasure to work with.

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