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Inbound Marketing Retainer

First Wealth believe that great financial planning can change clients’ lives. They offer not just wealth management, but lifestyle financial planning – and lifestyle financial planning done brilliantly.

What We Do

We work with First Wealth as their outsourced marketing team. Working closely with everyone in the business, we create remarkable content that speaks to potential clients and demonstrates that the First Wealth team live out their vision every day. We pair this content with proven lead generation and nurturing tactics to drive Tenfold results.

The First Wealth Team The First Wealth Team
Evel Knievel on one of his Harley Davidsons

One of our blog posts. Provides the reader with valuable insight, while fitting First Wealth’s personable brand and driving traffic to lead generation resources.

Ramp Up Your Financial Planning Like Evel Knievel

“For anyone who grew up in the 1970s, just hearing the name ‘Evel Knievel’ instantly conjures up a time when the pinnacle of cool was…” Read More →

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A lead generation landing page we created. Captures and qualifies prospects, funneling them toward nurturing resources.

Lifestyle Financial Planning Toolkit

“One of the first tools we use with clients is our ‘Where Are You Today?’ questionnaire. It provides a sensible structure to help you answer these important questions…” Read More →

Traditionally we’ve relied on personal recommendation and referrals [to generate new business]. This will take us far, but we realise we need to increase our reach.

We’ve recently engaged with Tenfold to help us build and run an inbound marketing campaign. This campaign will help us to build our brand and to reflect our core beliefs.

All the team are involved in content creation, so that readers can get a feel for the individuals involved in the business. We upload our content to our website and then share on the usual social media channels. For a small business, I’m very proud of our marketing campaign (thank you Tim and Amy!)

Great financial planning can change your life. We exist to inspire ideas, create confidence and give you the freedom to live

First Wealth
Photo of two people sitting atop the Grand Canyon

Another example of our work. This blog post drives traffic to the financial planning lead generation resource.

You Need A Bucket To Make Your List

“Do you have a bucket list? Ever since Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman's eponymous film popularised the idea back in 2007, the bucket list has captured our imagination and become a common reference point. However, few of us have really taken time to consider what’s on our own…” Read More →

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Our mission when creating content for First Wealth is to engage and inspire their clients and potential clients. In this way, we not only attract strangers to their website to be captured, nurtured and turned into clients over time through the inbound marketing methodology, we also create an environment in which First Wealth’s existing clients see the company as a thought-leading authority on financial planning that they are delighted to refer to their peers.

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