The Name Says It All

After years of freelancing as a designer helping others launch their dreams, in February 2014 it was finally my turn. Like most excited new business owners the big question on my mind was not the more serious matters of fiscal planning, but in the naming of the company. I wanted a name that really fit the company I had been imagining – a name that would make a great first impression and be robust enough to support our story. I must confess that a few ideas too silly to mention were pitched and I had one heartbreak upon learning that it was already a hugely successful media agency – well, I told myself that at least I was on the right track. In the end it took surprisingly little time before Tenfold Media was born.

The conversation that I kept having about our unique selling point was that we would be proactive and spend our time helping clients to achieve tangible results from their investment in marketing. It is never just a logo or website – we care whole-heartedly about the success of the people we work with and want them to feel great about their business. We kept getting back to the phrase ‘we want to deliver a tenfold return on investment’.

The next clue was in our desire to give both our time and money to charity. I have been involved in a number of charity projects and know the joy that working with people for a good cause can bring. It has always been important in my company vision to give generously. The word tenfold to us also implies ‘to tithe’, which is giving back ten percent to charity, which we do.

My advice to anyone setting up a new company and wondering what to call it is to talk to as many people as will listen to you about your vision and take note of the words you use. If you have the gift of the gab like me you will find that ideas flow better in real conversations and there really is little point in sitting quietly with a notepad. Like in my case, when I blurted out “let’s be ten times better” and it stuck.

And by the way, if you are wondering about the origami bird, yes it can be made in ten folds. When we meet I can make one for you.