The Key to Effective Calls-to-Action: Teach’m to fish

We talk to our clients a lot about effective ‘Calls To Action’ (CTAs). It’s the marketing speak for sales incentives. The idea has been around since bible salesmen knocked on doors: you need to get people’s attention and give them a reason to engage with your business. Whether you are producing a website or designing a leaflet, you won’t make an impact with your marketing if it’s missing CTAs.

Getting your hook into new customers is like the old saying goes: “give a man a fish”. If you’re selling fishing rods you don’t give your customer a free box of fish fingers. Instead, you teach them about fishing. That way they’ll engage with you, plus they’ll buy your fishing rod. Effective CTAs engage customers and extend an open hand. That could be as simple as “ring us for free”, but the best offer a more meaningful benefit.

Marketing used to be driven by coupons, loyalty schemes and collectable tokens for that all-important bonus gift. But in recent years there has been a seismic shift in what the customer identifies as real value. Saving a few bob still has its appeal, but our buying decisions are now more focused on brand affection. These days you simply won’t reach customers’ wallets if you don’t make a social connection. Relationship is the new economy and know-how is the key commodity.

We all know about Unique Selling Points (USPs): every product- or service-based business needs one to tell customers why they should buy that company’s stuff. But what customers are looking for now are businesses that put their USP into action. So, if you want people to know that you sell specialist cheese that they can’t get in supermarkets, focus your marketing on seasonal varieties, unique recipes, and enlighten them about pairing it with wine. If you are selling wealth management, focus your marketing on tools that help with investment planning, sensible advice about regulation and tax changes, and being available to customers to answer their questions.

Putting your USP into action is the best way to deliver effective CTAs. Give customers a reason to engage by providing them with something that they can get real value out of, that also reinforces your USP.

We are passionate about the Tenfold Media ethos and about putting our proactive approach into action. By listening, delivering and continually evaluating our client’s needs we help our clients to feel great about their business, engage with their customers and get a real return on their investment.