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Inbound Marketing can transform your business.

At Tenfold, we exist to challenge the way financial businesses communicate.

We create incredible inbound content that pulls customers towards your business, delivering Tenfold results that will supercharge your growth.

What Is Inbound Marketing?
tenfold //ˈtɛnˌfəʊld//
  1. ten times as great or as numerous
ten times better
tenfold //ˈtɛnˌfəʊld//
  1. by ten times; to ten times the number or amount
ten times the return

What is Inbound Marketing?

It’s the best way to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business, using helpful marketing that people love.

Inbound marketing is an approach focused on attracting customers through content and interactions that are relevant and helpful – not interruptive. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you (not the other way around) through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not need to fight for potential customers’ attention. By creating content designed to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects and builds trust and credibility for your business.

The Inbound Methodology

  1. Attract

    • Blogs
    • Social Media
    • Longform Content
    • PPC and SEO
  2. Capture

    • Lead Generation
    • Landing Pages
    • Calls to Action
    • Smart Content
  3. Close

    • Email Nurturing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Events & Webinars
    • Sales Consultations
  4. Delight

    • Customer Newsletters
    • Social Monitoring
    • Client Engagement
    • Products & Services

The Inbound Methodology summarises the steps we take and the tools we use to turn strangers into website visitors, website visitors into qualified leads, qualified leads into customers, and customers into promoters of your business. It's a proven four-step process that consistently delivers qualified prospects to your business and helps you to delight your customers, which in turn leads to new business.

Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying advertising space, spamming out emails and praying for leads, or relying on word of mouth alone, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward you, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then capture, close, and delight over time.

Tenfold's Team

Amy Tyley, Creative Director at Tenfold

Amy Tyley

Creative Director

My career began in San Francisco when “e-mail” was hyphenated and websites were a “shopfront”. Creativity, honesty and grit are the things I admire most.

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Heather McCutcheon, Marketing Executive at Tenfold

Heather McCutcheon

Marketing Executive

Fine Art photographer in my down time. I like shooting on film, going to new places and watching re-runs of The US Office.

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Lewis Brock, Marketing Executive at Tenfold

Lewis Brock

Marketing Executive

Turns out I’m a lot better at marketing than I ever was at rugby. Love dad jokes (I am not a dad) and I’m a huge nerd when it comes to The Lord of the Rings.

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Rich Ellis, Editorial Consultant at Tenfold

Rich Ellis

Editorial Consultant

As Editorial Consultant at Tenfold, I select and arrange words to help clients communicate complex ideas clearly.

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Tim Rye, Managing Director at Tenfold

Tim Thompson-Rye

Managing Director

My nickname in school was Techie Tim, and it’s still pretty accurate. I love exploring the world and trying new food. Scuba diving is my thing.

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We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for talented people to join our team. Do you want to be a part of building the best marketing agency for the UK financial industry?

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Traditionally we’ve relied on personal recommendation and referrals [to generate new business]. This will take us far, but we realise we need to increase our reach.

We’ve recently engaged with Tenfold to help us build and run an inbound marketing campaign. This campaign will help us to build our brand and to reflect our core beliefs.

All the team are involved in content creation, so that readers can get a feel for the individuals involved in the business. We upload our content to our website and then share on the usual social media channels. For a small business, I’m very proud of our marketing campaign (thank you Tim and Amy!)

… Tenfold were the only firm that really got what we were trying to achieve and were by far the most creative. My experience so far has gone from good to excellent. Tenfold is the perfect combination of creative flair and technical ability. They are also very nice people to work with! …

I’m absolutely thrilled with how this has turned out! I knew you guys would deliver, but I didn’t expect the results to be quite so outstanding. We will definitely be doing more of these – it’s an absolute no-brainer!